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You can make the life you wish using your subconsciousness.
As soon as you believe in it, magic starts happen in your life.
Today we see people

who wish to develop

and find out their potential.
The 21th century and humans go up to the new level. We have the opportunity to
eradicate from our lives negative things that prevent us from living and developing.
Gratitude, love and joy are the major feelings which we need to restore in our souls!
I am happy I can now help you and make your life abundant and knowing. I can give
you a chance to fill your bowl with all you wish.
I can free people from social manipulations and demands of society. I can help peopl
to find common language with their natures, realize their fullest potentials and break
new ground.

I can free people from social manipulations and demands of society. I can help people to find common language with their natures, realize their fullest potentials and break new ground
Program goal
"To give you the key from yourselves"
Subconsciousness is the part of our ego where unconscious processes happen.
Unconscious thinking extends all over the nervous system; nerve knots and spine are the essential centres of its effect.
Subconsciousness accumulates in the memory both the practical experience, memories from the past and all emotional internal experiences.
The human mind consists of the consciousness and subconsciousness.
Subconsciousness receives information on the condition and extent of contraction of each body muscle, body location in space, our environmental condition. Subconsciousness is connected with the Universe, subconsciousness knows everything.
Subconsciousness is processing the information received according to the laws (programmes) which it is based on. Some programmes are built into it from the childhood, they may be supplemented and change throughout the life.
Subconsciousness is a computer. It stores all information about you, your internal organs. This information passed through a particular filter specific exactly to a certain individual. The information coming to the conscious level goes back to the subconsciousness in the form of certain command-orders
Subconsciousness can be a bodyguard against ambient effects.
Subconsciousness is a powerful force the effect of which we can see in every aspect of our life.
Your thoughts have impact on your body. Thoughts create our reality.
Develop your capabilities though subconsciousness.
Subconsciousness is a place where all beliefs, information flows and various programs are stored. Having been re-programmed consciously, de-blocked we can create our own idea of life and accept it in reality. Having substituted negative destructive programs for positive ones and created new horizons for development in various fields (relations, finances, business, hobby, way and quality of life) An individual immediately changes their thoughts and feelings, gives up bad habits as they created illusion of certain emotions at your desire. The whole our belief of life and values lays within our convictions. Accordingly, the genetic code can be affected and the health problems resolved. Subconsciousness has its own equation and operation algorithm for the whole body.
Operation techniques for subconsciousness
1. Re-programming.
2. De-programming.
3. Programming.

Re-programming is a change in individual experience, substitution of patterns, formation of novel behaviour patterns. All these are introduced instead of the existing negative.
De-programming is not aimed at common substitution of certain stereotypes but rather at resolution of existing problems. The thing is that an individual is confronting the problems head-on and resolves them: Finds the reasons and eliminates them appropriately.
Programming is carried out through putting an individual into a trance. In this case consciousness breaks into the subconscious sphere and may affect it giving high-quality deep result.
I, Nelia Alekseeva
An expert in subconscious programs, gifted by nature. I possess various techniques to heal your DNA. The centre is open for people from all over the world. The sessions are conducted in English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian languages. We can offer you interpreting services.

"Take a step, and the road will appear by itself." Steve Jobs
To those who have a desire to know theirselves and about theirselves.
Remove fears, resentments, fault and let the past, everything that steals energy, go by.
To those who wish to change their lives and find inner peace.
To those who wish to get health, to be healed or learn how to manage their health.
"Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health." Socrates
To those who are intuitive and wish to learn how to manage their thoughts and powers.
To those who wish to heal their souls and bodies.
To those who wish to be successful in business and finances.
To open sources of Abundance and Wealth.
To businessmen, politicians and individuals who wish to soar to new heights. To create themselves, their brands, visions for 3-5 years ahead.
To all those who wish to determine their true desires and goals. To set goals correctly and achieve them.
To those who wish to return or open their talents.
To those who wish to set up balance relationships.
To women who wish to know about their sexuality and attractiveness, attain and open their level of female power.
To the healers who wish to open even more energy flows.

"The life of the individual only has meaning insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful. Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate.
Albert Einstein

Scientists and medical workers have long recognized that negative thoughts, emotions and experiences are directly relevant to health deterioration and occurrence of chronic diseases. Negative thoughts are grounds for problems; they may create negative situations thus making your life worse by and large.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
You identify the problem, issue or task you wish to solve out.
Here is some physics. Our brain works in 5 frequency states: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta. The vibration frequency for THETA-wave is 4-7 Hz. This is the state of highly deep relaxation.
Spiritual practices get popular worldwide, they are aimed both on treatment of diseases and transformation of life into more high-quality course, creation of wealthy and happy life.

10 reasons why you should subscribe for the online program right now
Personal equation
My methods and techniques + Management of Energies + Your desires + Your belief = Joint work = Achievement result + Victory
1) After the program you will open your own world and learn yourself.
2) You will find common language with your subconsciousness and start receiving answers through your ego.
3) You will be healed on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
4) You will open your talents and new skills.
5) You will substitute your subconscious emotions and change your way of thinking to a positive happy person.
6) You will learn how to neutralize the negative and various impacts, and manage your energy.
7) You will develop confidence and sense of self-sustainability. You will be firmly established as smart and talented person for you and your
8) You will develop new goals, desires, motivation for achievement.
9) You will create your brand, mission, vision of yourself for 5 years ahead.
10) You will completely transform your life into one you have always dreamed of.
"Your subconsciousness is a key to material abundance and development in the spiritual world. Indulge yourself with this." Nelia Alekseeva.

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